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I've recently gotten into purchasing art books for video game series that I like. I think "Mega Man Official Complete Works" and "Mega Man Battle Network Official Complete Works" are good examples of art books that we could use ideas from for these planned art books for the game.

Some of the things I liked about those books were:

-Many commentaries from the creator, director and artists (talking about how they feel about certain characters, designs, games)

-Concept art and different drafts/designs for the characters

-Interesting stuff about the game and development process (length, hardships, corporate politics, etc)

-New information previously not mentioned in interviews or elsewhere (an incentive to buy the book)

-Full colour and glossy pages

-In addition to the series art, digital (pixel) art was included from the games. (maybe in this case a mix of original art and creature models from the game?)

I like the idea of also offering PDF copies of the books. Some people are concerned about damaging artbooks so they would find it easier to view them off a screen.

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