Is this really Ecco in this music video?

So the story I heard when I was a kid was this was a CG test animation demo for sega for the next Ecco game since the studio that did it was the same studio that did the CGI for the sega CD story videos. But the game never came (maybe the killed 32x game or a unknown saturn game)  it might have been on CD so they put it in this music video so it would not go to waste.

I have always wondered if it is true the video is from 1996 so they seem to be using a newer version of power animator or softimage 3d studio max or what ever they used and is more advanced than the sega CD FMV videos.  He is also wearing a harness like the dreamcast game that would come a few years later.

So is this really Ecco or what? I  have been wondering since 1996.

Here is the sega CD story video

ecco 32x

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  • I imagine Bernie Stolar had something to do with Ecco not being made for Saturn. His "four star policy" was notoriously anti-2D, even though the Saturn was supposed to be a 2D machine.

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