Ecco the Dolphin level descriptions.

In the Genesis version of Ecco the Dolphin, there were short descriptions of the level on the password screen. For example, the one for The Undercaves said:

"A deep maze of caverns with no surface to the dry side.

Songs of the sea sing of great danger in this place."

However, once you get to the prehistoric levels, there are no more level descriptions. I liked the little descriptions because it helped set the atmosphere and mood for me. Were they not included in the rest of the levels because of cartridge space issues? The Genesis version of Tides of Time did not feature any of these descriptions. I do not have a Sega CD so I'm not sure about the Sega CD versions.

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    • Silversea (James)
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    • Silversea_James
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    I do like the little descriptions. Even if they are vague; sometimes it really adds to the atmosphere when they are vague too.

    I feel like there were no descriptions of prehistoric and later levels since they were "into the unknown". The descriptions were according to the current singers of the time, and I just accepted that since Ecco was the first singer in these places there was no tale or myth sung of X location.

  • I thought they added a lot to the game. I was sad to see them go.

    It would be nice to see Little Blue feature something similar. Maybe a short, imaginative description for each major area. Part of the fun of old games was having to use your imagination without the game "filling in" everything. Of course "atmosphere" is entirely in the head of the individual player, but a good game doesn't need to try hard to convey one. I think it's something that was lost after the 128-bit generation.

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