Ecco the Dolphin

So, whoelse has played Ecco the Dolphin around here? What's your favorite game of the series? Which soundtrack do you like best? ^^

My favorite is the first Ecco, I have the most memories of my childhood. Though Tides of Time comes in as a close second, for its great storytelling and soundtrack :)

I actually prefer the chiptune soundtrack, but only because I played it on the SEGA Mega Drive all the time as a kid. But the CD soundtrack is so awesome, and sets up a whole new atmosphere when playing the games.

Does anyone else get nightmares of Vortex creatures? ;P

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  • One of the most vile practices is DLC. All DLC is is cutting content from the final game and asking you to pay for it. Companies like Capcom even have the nerve to lock content that is already on the disc and charge you for it as DLC. Capcom is one of the worst offenders for this, they seriously rank up there with EA. With the Wii version of Phoenix Wright, not only was it digital download-only, but they cut out the entire LAST CHAPTER of the game and charged people separately for it as DLC!!! I have NEVER seen one justified, good use of DLC. Why? Because if companies want to release something that actually adds to the game (instead of cutting content from it) they'll put out a sequel or an expansion pack to make more money off it.

    The scary part is, people these days have been conditioned to accept stuff like DLC and other modern gaming cash grabs as normal. People younger than us won't even remember the days when games were 2D and made of pixels. In 20 years they will remember PS3 and Xbox 360 as "retro" and think that a world of entirely digital-only games is normal (all of this stuff is leading towards that). The companies just don't get it. If you look at official statements from Sony and MS, they think the reason people are actually angry about always online is because not everyone has internet, not because you won't actually own the game. It's because of PC gamers accepting DRM, "licensed not sold" and online check-ins that companies now have the confidence to move such practices into consoles, because they know they can get away with it. The problem is, most of them probably aren't even blind sheep. They willingly accept it because they give in because they absolutely MUST play that latest COD game and don't want to take a stand on issues that are taking power and ownership away from the consumer. The other side of this issue are the Steam fanboys, they are the worst kind of sheep. They are selling their soul to the companies simply because the games they are renting are cheap. Companies look at business models like Steam and iTunes and they are envious of it and want to copy it.

    Even DLC itself does not stay on the servers long because the companies shut them down after a few years when a new upgrade cycle comes along or the game is no longer popular. For example, The Sabotuer servers shut down recently and now anyone who ever paid for the DLC or has the download code that came with the game, won't be able to access that content anymore unless it is already on their hard drive.

    DLC is very short sighted on the consumer's part, and an excellent cash & dash for the developer.

    All this stuff has gotten way out of hand and it needs to stop.

    I didn't wake up one day and decide I would go retro-exclusive, it was gradual for me. PS2 died around 2007 with the last major releases like Wild Arms 5. I think I got PS3 as a gift in 2008. At first I thought I was being too harsh of a judge on new games, then I realized modern games just suck and I reached my breaking point in 2010 and started buying retro consoles and went retro exclusive. Even during those three years when I bought PS3 games, I spent most of my time looking through the PS2 section in game shops looking for new games that I missed out on. Needless to say, I get far more enjoyment out of buying a bunch of retro games to last me six months than I would from enough modern games to last me six years.

  • Does anyone know if the Master System version of Ecco the Dolphin will work on an NTSC Master System? I've read that a North American Master System can play PAL games, but not all of them will work properly or at all.

  • Theoretically, if an Ecco arcade game were made and released in the mid to late 90s, how would it be designed? Would it be exploration based with upped difficulty or would it be more action oriented like some sort of 2D shooter?

  • This article is pure conjecture and typical industry speculation, but it's somewhat interesting in relation to Ecco.

    It basically predicts that Sega will move increasingly towards the PC market in future because it costs less than developing for consoles. The Dreamcast is long gone and Sega is a graveyard of dead IPs they have no intention of touching outside of modern Sonic and Phantasy Star; they're pretty much only a publisher at this point. Given that, the article does have some interesting points.

    So maybe if LB/BB performs well on PC, it will help convince them there's an audience for Ecco with their new target demographic: with their current titles it seems they focus their more mature games on PC and their kid games on consoles and iOS (though if they win their bid for Atlus that could change). Unfortunately I don't see the possibility of another Ecco game for another few years until the market starts to settle from the next "console war".

  • My first Ecco game was Tides of Time for the Game Gear we dug out of my dads closet.

    That thing drains batteries like there's no tomorrow.

  • The whole internet is throwing a fit over the news that Sega has bought Atlus. I don't blame the Atlus fans because Sega is a horrible company that destroys everything they touch. Their most recent disasters include the butchering of Aliens Colonial Marines and Rome Total War. Quality assurance is the publisher's responsibility and Sega chose to throw them over the fence to the consumer for a quick buck, knowing that they were low quality games. The news is irksome alone for the fact that Sega spends more money on other peoples games rather than on fixing their graveyard of dead and ruined IPs. Then again with the mass exodus from the company they don't have most of the talent with them anymore that made those games good in the first place.

    Ecco (dead)

    Sonic (the poster child for ruined franchises)

    Sakura Taisen (dead)

    Shining Force (dead)

    Valkyria Chronicles (ruined)

    Shenmue (dead)

    Nights (dead)

    Streets of Rage (dead)

    Space Harrier (dead)

    Phantasy Star (ruined)

    Shinobi (ruined)

    Alex Kidd (dead)

    Panzer Dragoon (dead)

    Skies of Arcadia (dead)

    Hang-On (dead)

    Jet Grind Radio (dead)

    Yakuza (Japan only)

    Golden Axe (dead)

    Wonder Boy (dead)

    Vectorman (dead)

    And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. The full list is 2 or 3 times longer. The only thing we can be thankful for is that they've let most of those die in peace instead of ruining them.

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