3DS Ecco port. its cool.

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I was playing the sonic /space harrier and 3Ds Ecco ports since I have a another special edition japanese 3ds around and I have to say the effect is strange because I am not used to seeing these games like that. Ecco and the other sprites is the front on the top layer and the ocean seems to go backwards they look like they are in front of the camera everything else is a good distance behind except for the objects you can hit.

Somewhat like wario land for the virtual boy.

the effect works better with space harrier since I played a 3d version of that before I am used to it.

. It's seems an exact emulation of the genesis that splits each sprite layer to each eye screen I was hoping for the sega cd version with the redbook cd music but oh well.... The sound effects are exactly the same as the genesis too.

But ya these are worth getting for the 3d effect.,

Also it has new box art or it is the old japanese box art screen that has an "angry japanese ecco" on it for some reason. the title screen is all new so I don't think it is a ROM emulation too much work into it but it might be.   it also shows the USA title screen sometimes too so I am not sure what they did it is hard to tell. witht he sonic cd port I could tell that was 100% recoded since somethings was off slightly only people who played it a ton would notice and they would have to do it for the stuff they did to the game. they have a option where you do not need air for some reason for the people who cant handle it.

when i hit a certian button that is when the title screen changes so I am thinking they got more than one version on a emulator that takes seprates sprite layers for the 3d effect.

It's also still in 4:3 and I have not found the option to make it fully fit the 3ds screen if it has any. sonic cd on that retro engine was recoded to display in 16:9 i was hoping they would do the same.  they have an option for a CRT tv but I don't really like it I can play the real genesis and ecco on a real crt TV. I don't really like those in any emulated port of a game I have real CRTs to play on.

It seems to be running in a emulator or that retro engine they used to recode sonic CD on.

In fact I am wondering why they have not brought sonic cd to the 3ds or vita yet,,,,,,,.,, in 3d too...

Sonic 1 seems to have more paralax scrolling and sprite layers so the 3d effect works better you can see sonic then the trees behind that then the final layer the background in 3d stacked ontop of each other.

Still better than a standard virtual console emulations though a lot better its something new since I played these games a million times the same way...

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