All about the different control schemes per device and creature.

There are 3 basic types of control inputs:

  1. Analog Stick
  2. Keyboard
  3. Touch screen

The basics of creature control is to aim, or point in a direction, and propel - make the creature swim forward.

Analog Stick

Left steers the creature in absolute, screen relative direction AND propels it in the direction based on the distance from center.

Right stick is camera controls: Zoom and semi circle orbit.

Buttons invoke songs and other game options.


Same as stick but uses arrow keys and other keys for songs and options.

Touch Screen

I have several ideas, all of which I want to explore. The goal is to give a good feel to the touch screen input. By nature touch is a bit disconnected - its good for buttons but not really good to steer something around. A just a few ideas we will try:

  1. swipe in a direction you want the creature to swim in. The speed and stroke length can be used to control the speed of the creature.
  2. Touch and hold to keep the camera on the creature then with a 2nd finger touch the destination, or direction you want the creature to move in. Basically the 2nd finger is like the carrot at the end of the fishing pole to drive the goat. (Little Rascals reference.)
  3. Touch a creature and swipe away towards the desired direction. The creature continues to "chase" the finger as long as it's held on the screen. The distance from the creature is proportional to the speed in which it tries to swim.

We have to figure out a way to have a touch song mechanic and other game options.

These basic control input devices will drive individual creatures in different ways. Each creature will have its own control scheme. I will add some creature control schemes to this thread.

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  • For the PC version, it would be nice if there was an option to configure all the keys for the game manually, instead of only being able to choose between several set control schemes.

    I would also like to see support for custom USB controllers, since most PC games only support PS3/360 controllers, neither of which are ideal for 2D games. Sega Saturn controllers are very popular for use with 2D games, you can buy USB adapters that let you use the controller.

  • One of my biggest pet peeves with 2D games is being forced to use an analog stick with no option to use the directional pad. N64 games were bad for this. I have been playing Elemental Gimmick Gear, a 2D Dreamcast game. The game forces you to use the stick instead of the pad at all times. It leads to loose controls and me constantly falling into pits because the stick is not precise enough, especially in narrow areas.

    There are some games I do prefer analog controls for, Space Harrier and Chopper Command being two of the rare cases. However, the other 99% of the time I prefer d-pad controls. Just as examples, inching and pixel-perfect jumps, such as in Megaman, would not be possible with an analog stick. I've tried playing some 2D games with an analog stick and it's not pleasant.

  • I think the analog pitch idea is really good. My dad is a video game sound engineer. His friends and him made the Nintendo glove a music controller for an art exhibit back in 1992.
    I think that the graphic Zelda idea is really great. But also the pitch analog stick idea. What if the graphics had an eye to ear aid so that the pitches could be infinite and creative in a dolphin vocal range.
    But specific messages could still be received. For choose your communication? Command? Various distances for exploration? Echolocation? Size of objects? Direction of sound ect. By referencing visual symbols matching dolphin sounds spectrum.
    Actually creative scales could synthisize more accurately dolphin sounds.
    Rather than simply 8 octave scale. Create scales that can be controlled through like shift function.
    But I worry about peoples fingers on a touch screen.
    Too much dragging is a concern.
    I think that, a slow down time function could spare action playability.
    Or certain segments where a puzzle could determine commmunication/command to the other dolphin(s)
    The symbols could signify several sound options that need to be obtained by listening and knowing the sound of the dolphin where everything freezes or slows down besides the two who are communicating.
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