Oculus Blue

Making stereoscopic eye contact with a hammerhead shark makes me wonder how they see the world with such impressive interocular distance.


Here are some more shots of work in progress:



I must say experiencing the Big Blue as VR is stunning!



It was a challenge to get a shot with a dolphin, they have been elusive lately. 


I'll post a video later.



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  • There is a lot going on. This week is GDC so I'll be busy at that. I will be showing the Big Blue VR version to some potential investors.

    The experience (can't call it a game yet) is mind blowing. Everyone who tries it on the Oculus reaches out to try to touch the dolphins!
  • Can't wait to try it out on the Oculus rift once it comes out. :)

  • Our BigBlue demo works well with the cardboard VR, with my android phone!   Just the frame rate is a little low :(

  • O.o oh boy...is there other options for VR so that people won't get sick? Like the idea of cardboard lol just got to be careful hehe.

  • I am really interested in firing up the BB demo on an Oculus.


    That would be the only way I'd play the game, honestly.  

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