Water Physics

I found this awesome video by someone who created a revolutionary water physics engine: http://youtu.be/F5KuP6qEuew

Look at the realism of the movement, the spray, waves and ripples. Love how this works! Would love to see water movement like this in The Big Blue! There's more details and videos about this on the official blog by the creator: http://blog.mmacklin.com/2013/04/24/position-based-fluids/

Another game that has awesome fluid dynamics/physics is Pixeljunk Shooter on the PS3. Just look at how it moves realistically, and interacts with lava even: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9piUeupkQs

Looking forward to see some first details about the water surface in The Big Blue ^^

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  • I've seen that video, it's really impressive even though it'll probably take a while before we get to see that in actual games. The CryEngine is probably the most advanced engine in terms of creating realistic water physics:


    I don't expect to see something that good from Unity3D since the engine does have its limitations. Since the game moves in 2D though, it might make it somewhat easier to overcome those limitations.

  • A bit off topic, but I thought Seaman had amazing textures for the creatures in that game, and that was on the Dreamcast back in 1999/2000. So I think even if this game is running on a "budget" engine, it could do a pretty good job visually.

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    That will not be happening on this game or on any phone or any game anytime soon and if it does it will be on high end GPU for the PC.

    My workstation PC with a geofrce titan still needs at last one other net worked PC in softimage to handle game sized physics scenes in lagoamulti physics or realflow.

    haveing the gpu render it while it also has to render every thing else will not help it that is why they are showing you tiny puddles of watter with low detail models and only 1 model at a time because anything that looks like a game will run slow.


    they also run that on a geforce gtx 680 a GPU that has more power than the playstation 4 or xbox 360 and uses cuda phsyx to do it that only nvida hardware uses unlike open CL.

    Cryengine water is a shader only the top of the water has any calculations done to it if any. this is a whole other kind of simulation every major "particle of fluid" is calculated against the set collsion objects then it is converted to a geomotry mesh then a water shader is set on the mesh.

    Crysis ocen does not really interact with real objects on that level and most of what you see is fake shader work by the artist. you can set small puddles that are more interective but the  level of pyshics ends at the mesh of the water surface and does not calculate the entire puddle or under the water in that way.,

    the game just sets a underwater behavior over it like play swim animation and set gravity to this  if in the water volume area. and add these shaders to the screen it acts like any other game area


    real fluid physics are way more compicated 

    You want something like this and that needs high power hardware.


  • @Cube Not that it matters since they're using Unity3D anyway, but the CryEngine is capable of handling underwater physics:


    (check 1m54)

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