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  • Sad thing is, Ed already tried to convince Sega to create a new game under their IP, they refused.
  • Icedolphin, I can help with your C64 issues if you still are having them.

    I haven't been checking here for a bit, but am back!

    After playing with the Oculus a bunch, I have determined that a game like BB is what would really shine.
  • Ed:  How did GDC go overall with showing off the Big Blue?  

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    Ed: For what reasons has failed kickstarter? What do you think about why Sega didn't support past titles (exept little or nothing), is this titles realy looks really unpromising?

  • It's been 15 years since the last game and 6 months in this forum. RIP Ecco?

  • Only RIP ED = RIP Ecco!

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  • If you still say that after all this time then I truly believe you gonna get there someday, Ed. You are persistent and that is a good thing! You made me realize that a long silence from you doesn't mean you quit, but are just patiently waiting for an opportunity. Thanks for renewing my hope.

    My craving for another Ecco is still as strong as it ever was. The experience was just too good to ignore or forget. I guess I will keep my craving going with the 4 existing games in the meantime.

    Damn you Sega! Let go of it already or give Ed the green light. It's not just Ecco; they keep ignoring a lot of other legendary IPs they own.

  • Ed, it may not be much, but you might want to check out this YT video about Sega doing a survey on classic IPs. The list also mentions Ecco. I just hope that this is not a survey just to get straight ports from old games onto mobile phones but also about reviving some old IPs.

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  • Hello,

    my question: Is this thread/game actually still alive? Don't want to write a wall of text if no one is ever going to read it anyway. ;)

  • Hey Ed, the Ecco: Sentinels Of The Universe prototype has been leaked.

  • When I was listening to this, the first 3':30" reminded me so much of Ecco music.

  • I found this blog from this website and i am a big fan of your work. 

  • Where should I send underwaterly (but not rendered as though it's still '92) samples of music and/or ambient sound? I need your help, and I'd like to offer mine if you'll allow it.

  • Hey Ed. You reached a settlement with Sega on the Ecco franchise 4 years ago. Any plans on a new Ecco game yet for the future? Yes I'm still hoping, after 20 years of missing the little guy with his unique aquatic civilization of sentient creatures and unique atmosphere, music and gameplay. 20 years since DOTF and 28 years since Tides of time; your last Ecco game. 

    I think I once said only 2 franchises I'd buy a system for: Shenmue and Ecco. Yu Suzuki also reached a settlement with Sega and made Shenmue III with crowdfunding. I bought a PS4 late in its lifecycle just for that. I hope you can follow in his footsteps. 

    I heard rumors you wanted a new Ecco on Switch. I'm not really a fan of it as it's underpowered because it's basically a handheld. But if you do so I'd buy the thing. Yes, still a diehard Ecco fan. 

    You once said: "Ecco doesn't die as long as Ed lives" so I'm still looking forward to it. 

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