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This forum will be all about the Big Blue. I will try to keep you informed as to the plans and progress of the game. Please feel free to ask questions, make comments, and/or shoot at my feet. I won't take it personally, I promise. If you're typing something, even if it's negative, it means you care.

I would love if you could introduce yourself here. Just a few lines about who you are and what you care about. This is optional, of course.

Please know that this fourm will be moderated by me and a few other people. We will remove anything we deteriman inappropriate.

Last request: Please upload an avatar image for yourself :)

Thanks and Welcome to The Big Blue

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  • Hi :-) I'm looking forward to seeing how this all progresses.

  • Hi Ed. Thanks for setting up these forums.

  • Can't wait to see how all this pans out : ). Very optimistic!

  • I just tried the demo and thought it seemed REAL COOL. Looking forward to the game!

  • Hello! I'm really looking forward to this game and you have my support!
  • Thanks for setting up these forums. I cannot wait to see how this progresses. I think you have an excellent plan!

  • Thanks everyone! Hopefully this is the start of something great! Feel free to post any question of comment - I'll try to respond to all. Note if you have a lot to say please make separate posts so I can respond to each issue or question. This should be much better than the comments on KS.
  • While it's unfortunate to see that the initial funding goal wasn't met, I believe it's still an excellent stepping stone to move forward with the series. I saw the most recent update and I do believe starting out with 'The Small Blue' is a pretty solid idea. I mean, this is a brand new IP, and sometimes it can take some convincing to get the masses to jump on-board. I'm genuinely excited to see what can be done with this next campaign.

  • Hi Ed and everyone else! Thanks for creating this place! Great to see you not giving up on The_Blue, even with the scale being changed for now. I will try to help the forum get filled with speculation, questions and stuff about The Blue! Also: The Caverns of Hope will continue to watch and support you! I'm sure The Little Blue will be a success and point the way to bigger seas :)

  • Hi Ed it's Ebonblade from Twitter! Like said Hauke I'm glad we've got this place to share and discuss about the Big Blue. I'll share the board and make sure to let people know about it.Don't give up Ed, The Big Blue will come to live. And if we have to help you for that you can count on us! :) Ocean shall prevail! :)

  • I am very glad that you do not leave your idea. Games such as Ecco and Big Blue needed like a breath of fresh air. They are very important, especially in the videogame world, where often reigns mindless violence...
    I must to say, Ecco is a more to me than just game. It also took part in my creative development., thanks to him, I became very close with the ocean and its creatures. :)
    If The Big Blue will be released (even if it starts its way, as The Little Blue), I'm sure it will give people even more inspiration. ^v^

  • I think I can speak for most of the Ecco community here, but thank god for your persistence Ed :-) We need more people like you in this business, creative innovative thoughtfull games that leave you with a sense of "Actually, life is amazing", instead of the flipside, which is to shoot someone in the face and scream at the TV ;-)

    I first got into Ecco when I read the entire Ecco saga in Sonic the Comic, starting with Issue 13 and ending in issue 18, way back in 1993. I remember as it was very close to Christmas, my parents ended up renting the Mega Drive cart for me, before eventually owning 4 copies of the game ;-) From day one I've been a huge fan, and I can say with confidence that The Big Blue's impact will be just as huge as Ecco's was back in the day, we need this :-)

    Also, the Occulus VR looks really uncomfortable :-P

  • Looking forward to Little Blue being a stepping stone into a larger game. It's a shame we needed a stepping stone though. I was hoping people would see what was happening and happily fling money at you.

  • Hi Ed!

    I first played Ecco back when it was new, it instantly became one of my childhood games and has stuck with me ever since. I spent many wonderful afternoons playing the game. Even though graphics/sound in games have moved on, I still find the whole experience thoroughly engrossing. I want to thank you for making such an amazing game!

    I hope you are successful with creating the Big Blue/Little Blue. I also hope that if this is succesful, it will convince Sega to hand you the license so you can finally make Ecco 3. I will be sure to purchase the Big/Little Blue if it gets released!

    Is there a section in the forums where we can discuss and ask you questions about your previous games? I have always liked how well you keep up with your fans!

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    Hello Ed! Thought I'd pop up and show the support of RadioSEGA.net for what you're doing. I'll be around and contribute to the discussion as much as I can.

  • Hi! Thanks for putting this forum together, The Big Blue sounds awesome, it's a shame the Kickstarter fizzled. But, I'm looking forward to The Little Blue, and then on to The Big Blue!

  • Hi, intresting to see a new project like this. I played Ecco the dolphin years ago when i was young on the sega genesis. And yes, the game scared me in the young. I remember the octopus and the tentacles in one of the levels from the rock walls. Ok, woudn't work in my older days now, but i look forward to see more about this project. :D

    Haven't seen the kickstarter probject, only stumbled now over the project. Btw., whats with this Little Blue project?

  • @Silver Sterling: The Little Blue is going to be a prequel to The Big Blue.

  • Ok, i read a bit about it now on some wiki. There was mentioned, that the Little Blue could possible be released for free as some sort of demo.

    So we will see, how it happens.

  • Hi all,

    The Playchemy.com website is currently being updated.

    Any comments specific to The Big Blue or even The Little Blue, which is not yet listed on the website are welcomed.

    Thank you for your support!


  • @BatBoy: The Blog and The Big Blue pages have not been updated since March. You should start adding information to those pages because they're still pretty bare bones.

    I have made pages for LB and BB over at the Ecco Wiki



    Perhaps you can use them as a template or take ideas from them. I don't mind if you want to copy from them verbatim.

    If you are in control of the social media accounts you should start updating those too.

  • Hi IceD,

    Thanks for the head's up!  

    I will definitely check out the links and catch up with Ed to see how he wants to approach this.

    I really appreciate the help and yes, I am getting updated on all the accounts. :)

    Keep the feedback coming!


  • On the Playchemy site, I think a separate "News" page would work better than just using the Blog page (visitors not familiar with the site wouldn't know to check there).

    Maybe on the Home page you could have the single latest update somewhere on the page, then have the archive on a "News" page.

    On the "About" page maybe you should have a picture and short profiles of Ed and maybe some other important people at the company? Just from reading the website I do not know who "Playchemy" is. You could look at Spencer Nilsen's Illumina website as a possible example.

    Most people don't read them anyway, but the mission statement on the About page should be as to the point as possible. I think the current length is fine. But a mission statement being too short might be seen as "token" and it being there just for the sake of being there, while an overly long one would probably turn people off and be seen as "artsy fartsy".

    This is just a nitpick, but I think that visitors might find the website more inviting if the overall colour scheme wasn't so dark. Gray text on a black background can be hard on the eyes for some people and less readable from a distance.

  • Sorry to double post, but you should also upload the concept art for BB to the Playchemy site. I'm sure you have access to higher quality images, but I've uploaded everything I could find to the Gallery section on the BB page at the Ecco Wiki (it's towards the bottom of the page).

    I asked Ed before, but you should ask him if he wants separate Facebook and Twitter accounts for Little Blue, or if he will continue to use the ones setup for Big Blue. I think to avoid confusion between the two titles, it would be best to setup separate FB/Twitter accounts for them, then you can tweet/post links to them from BB's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  • We will probably go with a single account and have multiple pages, one per title.

    In regards to concept art, we are hesitant to share that at this time as the design is fairly liquid.

    Plus, you never know whose watching. "Who is watching The Watchmen?" :)


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