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  • How much of the story will involve investigating what happened to the human race?

    Will there ever be any hints that some humans survived?

    Will Atlantis come into play at all?

  • Will the continental configuration of Earth have changed at all?

    What kind of condition will Antarctica be in?

  • Yeah, Soul Blazer did a pretty great job of that.

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    Don't give Ed too many games, too much inspiration can lead to unintentional copying :) (It's true!).

  • What happened to half the posts on this page? Those posts were all on topic. If it was the stuff about emulation then I can understand why you might not want it discussed here (though there is nothing illegal about defeating region locking). But I don't think I wrote anything inappropriate in my other posts. Now the thread reads as a broken conversation.

    There was nothing objectionable about my comments on Soul Blader or Deadly Premonition. I don't see why they were removed when there are legitimate off-topic posts in other threads like MLP pictures and one line replies.

  • I don't see them on the server.  Perhaps they glitched up.  I will try to hunt them down.

  • It's no problem. I can understand why they might be deleted. It's just that everything after my first post on this page reads as a broken conversation now so you might want to delete those too. (no offense to those posters).

  • Hey Ed, Ebon Blade here! :D

    I was wondering if you planned to use a "storyline quest chain" with some quests which could be activated at certain points of the game and, foe example, lead to new places which could not be accessed otherwise.

    Do you have something like this in mind? Or will it be a bit different?

  • Is there going to be sea turtles?
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